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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 16th November 2016 (D17, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Simon Jolly, Laurent Kelleter, Andreas Christou, Adam Knoetze, Anastasia Basharina-Freshville (Phone)


  • Most of last week spent at Software Carpentry workshop.
  • Managed to run OpenGL visualiser, but not successfully...
  • Needs to speak to Lawrence about initialising optical photons in calorimeter simulations.
  • Would like an introduction on the experimental runs at Clatterbridge from ABF.


  • Loaded down with coursework this week...
  • Calculated kappa for Vavilov distribution for mylar: as RS mentioned last week.
  • Emailed ROOT developers about improving integration routine to speed up analysis.
  • Will probably move onto individual waveform fitting since spectrum fitting needs input from MH's simulations: will talk to ABF about loading waveform files.


  • Still working on producing waveforms with Caen detector emulator.
  • Managed to test imported spectrum: adjusts magnitude of specified waveform shape according to spectrum.
  • Reconstructing waveform magnitude and integrated signals using scope: integrated signal matches input spectrum, but magnitude histogram shows double peaks.
  • Will investigate double peaks next week but continue working on producing PMT-like pulses.
  • Will also adjust format of ASCII scope waveform files to restart timebase for each waveform, rather than continuous.


  • Email James Dawson at DPD Couriers for quote for Clatterbridge transport.


  • Putting together list for upcoming Clatterbridge trip.
  • Optical module setup to be used:
    • 2” Hamamatsu R13089-100 PMT with negative UCL soldered base (running at -900 V)
    • Coupled to a 3 cm x 3 cm x 5 xm cuboid ENVINET/NUVIA standard scintillator
    • Coupled with BC-630 gel and wrapped in 3 layers of PTFE on the sides and 12 um of Mylar on the sides and entrance face.
  • List of measurements to make at Clatterbridge (not necessarily in this order):
    1. Remember to do a peak current estimate at -900 V at a threshold of -100 mV.
      Note! Results for peak current at -900 V with Hamamatsu active divider base PMT:
      Amplitude: 421 mV
      Width: 29.2 ns
      At a threshold of: - 100 mV
      Peak current: 12 mA
    2. Energy-range calibration scan with the Clatterbridge wheel carried out at low rates and using fine steps:
      Using the digitiser in ADC mode for a gate of 150 ns
      Some data collected with the digitiser in waveform mode
    3. Measurements with two PMMA plate thicknesses corresponding to two different wheel segment thicknesses to again confirm that we are only going through one segment of the wheel.
    4. ADC and especially waveform data collected at a range of rates going up to high rates.
    5. Calibration of scattering foil current and rates measured on the scope, so we can hopefully extrapolate the rates using the scattering foil current more accurately this time.
    6. Rate tests with the scope.
    7. Data taking with the scope.
    8. Remember to take note of the dose delivered to the scintillator!
  • List of equipment to take (please add anything we've forgotten):
    1. Digitiser
    2. Portable HV unit
    3. Laptop
    4. Scope, keyboard and mouse
    5. The usual “box of tricks”, containing things like BC630 gel, the two scintillators, the two PMTs, barrels and connectors etc.
    6. The smaller of the two black boxes to house the OM setup
    7. Small pulser? We usually bring this with us but so far haven’t needed to us it (SJ: not necessary).
  • This time, as we’re using a courier, I think perhaps it best to not take the large hexagonal OM with us. Ruben - you usually bring some emergency tools with you - is there something you recommend we take with us since you won’t be there this time?
  • “To Do” before trip:
    1. 207Bi measurement for radiation hardness tests.
    2. Transportation of equipment from UCL form (will this need to be given to the courier?)
    3. Finalise organising courier - we are still waiting to hear from MSSL. If they don’t respond soon I’ll send them an email.
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