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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 25th January 2017 (D17, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Simon Jolly, Anastasia Basharina-Freshville, Andreas Christou, Adam Knoetze, Matthieu Hentz


  • Working on analysis of scope waveform data.
    • ROOT will now identify bad pulses!
    • ROOT TSpectrum will analyse waveforms for double peaks based on histogram distribution.
  • Will next try and fit to good waveforms to train pulse filtering and integration.
  • Anastasia suggests looking at low and high rate files with no absorber.
  • Will also complete Java code to import binary files directly into ROOT: need to include input arguments.


  • Looking at various output spectra from Caen detector emulator.
  • Trying to set spectrum of waveform magnitudes (Caen instructions plus trial and error...).
  • Taking average of "large" waveforms to produce mean waveform for emulator.
  • Detector emulator time resolution much coarser than scope data (~160MHz): need to extract subset of individual waveform data to produce approximation of our waveforms.
  • Next step is to put output of detector emulator into digitiser and try and recreate Clatterbridge results.
  • Will also replicate Anastasia's experiments with LED light pulser injected into scintillator+PMT.



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