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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 22nd February 2017 (D17, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Simon Jolly, Anastasia Basharina-Freshville, Laurent Kelleter, Adam Knoetze, Matthieu Hentz

MSci reports due 27th March.


  • Working with pulser and LED.
  • Running LED pulser with regular pulse shape and spacing.
  • Seeing drops in ADC spectrum peak position from 7400 at 100Hz to 6400 at 5kHz.
  • During MedAustron visit will take data using detector emulator.


  • Testing LED pulser to check whether variation in gain comes from LED or PMT.
  • After MedAustron will retest with super-stable SuperNEMO LEDs.
  • Taking signal from last dynode rather than anode to avoid final gain stage (~3.5) and saturation.
  • Long scintillator bars arrived from Nuvia:
    • Wrapped in mylar only to reduce amount of internal reflections.
    • Energy resolution worse: ~11% at 1MeV.
  • Preparing for MedAustron: MH and LK will prepare cables...
  • Housing needs modifying to fit long scintillator bar: need to make sure its light tight in case room lights cannot be switched off. LK suggests using a cardboard box...


  • Still no response from Clatterbridge and Carsten Welsch on PDFs of layout: SJ will chase it up.
  • Simulations of Clatterbridge beamline:
    • Tracking emittance evolution.
    • Initial beam parameters very large. Will use values from Hywel Owen:
      • σx = 4mm
      • σy = 4.5mm
      • σx' = 2.03mrad
      • σy' = 1.2mrad
    • Some particles seem to pass through metal shielding: LK suggests checking 3-dimensional structure of beamline.
    • Beamline support needs adding.


List of equipment for MedAustron

Hand Luggage

  • Scope
  • 2 PMTs + 1 base
  • DAQ laptop
  • Digitiser
  • HV unit
  • Scintillator bars


  • Collimators
  • Box
  • Signal cables
  • HV cables
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