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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 15th March 2017 (D17, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Simon Jolly, Ruben Saakyan, Laurent Kelleter, Adam Knoetze, Matthieu Hentz, Andreas Christou

Student talks on Friday 17th March: 14.00–15.00


  • Working on waveform integration in ROOT:
    • ROOT can integrate pulses.
    • Possible to set short and long gate equivalent.
    • Preliminary results for integration seem to match Anastasia's results.
  • FINALLY have info from LeCroy to read out multiple waveforms from a single binary file:
    • Waveforms are called segments.
    • Sets of waveforms are called sequences.
    • Single variable in binary header defines number of segments.




  • Wrote documentation on photon fit for Roger Barlow.
  • RS suggests looking at fit to histograms from calorimeter (reverse Landau).
  • SJ suggests looking into 2 projects from Medical Physics:
    • Monte Carlo for Hounsfield Unit-Relative Stopping Power conversion (Paul Doolan);
    • Build-up effect and skin sparing in proton therapy (Adam Gibson).

RS on behalf of ABF:

  • ABF looking at rate-dependent gain:
    • Average anode current too high due to gain (number of stages) and light output of scintillator.
    • LED behaviour replicates MedAustron testbeam data almost exactly.
  • In discussions with Hamamatsu to build PMT with fewer dynode stages to produce lower gain and smaller peak current.
  • New detector should be able to reach >10MHz rates...
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