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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 18th July 2017 (D107, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Simon Jolly, Anastasia Basharina-Freshville, Ruben Saakyan


  • PMT bases are on their way from Hamamatsu!
    • Start with testing dynode 4 and 5.
    • Measure peak and average anode current with LEDs.
    • Check low rate performance first, then increase rate to check whether distortion occurs above 1MHz.
    • Gated PMT will require a bit more thought...
  • Scintillator sheets also shipped from Nuvia:
    • Samples of 100x100x10mm, standard and pTP enhanced composition, 0.3mm foil to be cut as needed.
    • Also 3mm pressed material included.
  • WaveCatcher documentation for hardware and software available from Orsay:
    • 2–64 channel versions available.
    • Seems similar to Caen but with access to firmware.


  • Applied bias voltage to photodiode preamp: signal increases, so does noise...
  • Will check photodiode with 1–100 ms integration windows.
  • Will also check maximum integration window for Caen DT5740D QDC 16-channel digitiser.


  • SMA components mostly here:
    • High quality Huber and Suhner components ordered for proton calorimetry; LOTS of less expensive (but still decent) spares available within group.
    • SMA-BNC and SMA-MCX adapters all arrived.
    • Waiting on 2:1 Mini-Circuits splitter.
    • Various lengths of Huber and Suhner SMA cable borrowed from John Mitchell (UCL Electrical Engineering).
  • Will email Ferruccio Renzoni and Peter Barker regarding coupling of photodiodes to electronics.
  • Will contact Hakan Nystrom at Skandion (Sweden), Claus Schmitzer at MedAustron and Marco Pullia at CNAO regarding possible beam time.

Dates Away:

28th July–11th August (holiday but contactable), 28th August–1st September (AWAKE installations), 4th–14th September (China).
29th July–5th August (holiday, maybe internet), 10th–21st August (no internet).
7th–11th August (Modane), 18th August–2nd September (holiday).



Full description of the WaveCatcher Family hardware with paths to Control & Readout software and libraries. Covers the 2-channel and 8-channel WaveCatcher modules, the 16-Channel WaveCatcher board and module, and all the options of the 64-Channel WaveCatcher Crate (16, 32, 48 or 64 channels).
Users manual for WaveCatcher64Ch Control and Readout Library
User manual for the WaveCatcher Family Control & Readout software (Windows Only, includes scope-like GUI).


DT5751 Product Page 
Caen product page for DT5751 2-4 Channel 10 bit 2/1 GS/s Digitizer.
DT5751 User Manual 
User manual for DT5751 2-4 Channel 10 bit 2/1 GS/s Digitizer.
DT5740 Product Page 
Caen product page for DT5740 16/32-Channel 12 bit 62.5MS/s Digitizer supporting DPP-QDC firmware.
DT5740 User Manual 
User manual for the DT5740 Desktop 16/32-channel Desktop Digitizer, that also functions in QDC charge integration mode with the DPP-QDC firmware.
User manual for the Digital Pulse Processing for Charge to Digital Converter DPP-QDC implemented exclusively for the "D" model of the 740 Digitizer series (740D).
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