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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 7th February 2018 (D17, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Simon Jolly, Ruben Saakyan, Matthieu Hentz, Jordan Silverman, Dan Walker, Laurent Kelleter


  • Looking into measuring rate of acquisitions for LeCroy scope:
    • No built-in function to do this.
    • Should be possible calculate it using built-in math functions.
    • Manual not particularly clear...
  • Looking at tracker data from Tony Price:
    • Structure very simple: each timestamp also has 5 sets of X-Y-Z data for 4 trackers.
  • To Do:


  • Discussions in Sheffield with John MacMillan regarding low gain PMT.
  • Low gain tubes are available from RCA, who are long out of business:
    • Designed for use at very high light levels.
    • Only 1 ever made: RS has obtained it from John.
    • Tube has 5 dynode stages.
  • We should take to MedAustron! May not have time to test it before though...


  • Running tests on 2mm Scintillator Sheets using LED:
    • All sheets marked with thickness.
    • Sheets clamped then aligned to make sure they are perfectly square to camera.
    • Using minimum aperture with 6s acquisition.
    • Using different fibres: very different light output.
    • Choosing fibre 8 gives more uniform light output from each sheet.
    • Some measurements have much higher light levels.
    • Repeating measurements gives highly repeatable light level for each sheet.
    • Light levels within +/-25% for each sheet (+-10% for 3mm sheets).
  • To Do:
    • Visit ISDI on Friday.
    • Run through sensor setup.
    • Bring back to UCL.
    • Get sensor working.


  • Scintillator sheet thickness measurements added to [2018/FebScintSheets Wiki page].
  • Autodesk Inventor currently installing for model construction and STEP-file export.
  • To Do:
    • Make CAD models of Clatterbridge beamline components.
    • Export models as Geant4-compatible components.
    • Rerun simulations to check differences in simulations with CAD components.


  • Finished cleaning up simulation:
    • Properly commented, neat code.
    • Buffered readout also cleaned up: just needs to specify certain variables in run macro.
  • Wiki needs updating.
  • In contact with Jacinta Yap about Clatterbridge simulations:
    • Had contact with Oleg regarding previous simulations.
    • A file has been sent, but probably completely wrong...
  • Finishing off CDT courses and coursework.
  • Reading up on CT reconstruction: Inverse Problems course still running.
  • To Do:
    • Update Wiki.
    • Finish off Exception handling.
    • Group project submitted end of March.
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