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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 30th May 2018 (D17, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Laurent Kelleter, Matthieu Hentz, Simon Jolly


  • Spoke to Stewart Boogert from RHUL at IPAC about BDSIM:
    • BDSIM acts as a wrapper for Geant4 but with accelerator component import.
    • BDSIM also provides its own CAD import that is superior to Geant4.
    • Stewart has imported Clatterbridge CAD model into BDSIM.
  • Also spoke to Jacinta Yap at PTCOG:
    • Will carry out a thorough measurement programme of Clatterbridge beamline over the summer to confirm locations of all components and magnet currents.


  • Reading papers on pCT from Charles-Antoine Collins-Fekete.
  • Focussing on theory of reconstruction:
    • Methods to deal with Multiple Coulomb Scattering: most use similar Most Likely Path reconstruction.
    • Lots of information on fast reconstruction: will skip until after benchmarking.
  • Also working on getting Simon Rit's pCT reconstruction code using RTK:
    • Managed to compile for the first time this morning!
    • Depends on Gate for simulations.


  • Claus Schmitzer replied with 3 potential projects:
    • MAPTA Development shifts to investigate Accelerator upgrades
    • Carbon commissioning Efforts
    • NCR efforts on Proton tomography
  • Need to check insurance status for travel to Austria.
  • Still working on analysis for range calorimeter.
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