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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 10th October 2018 (D17, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Simon Jolly, Raffaella Radogna, Laurent Kelleter, Matthieu Hentz, Jeremy Ocampo, Ohie Mayenin, Saad Shaikh


  • Working on Literature Review.
  • Draft copy sent to SJ for review.
  • To Do:
    • Literature review due in 22nd October.
    • Meet Tony Price on Friday.


  • Working on Literature Review.
  • To Do:
    • Will send outline to SJ.
    • Literature review due in 22nd October.


  • Attending HEP lectures: HEP Monday and Tuesday, CDT Thursday.
  • To Do:
    • Chase up Medical Physics/CDT courses: MH sure that Numerical Optimisation course is a great foundation for Inverse Problems.
    • Meeting arranged with Jamie McClelland and Adam Gibson on 18th October.
    • Look into new laptop.


  • Battling with Geant4 to get output in same format as GATE.
  • Issues with ROOT ntuples.
  • To Do:
    • Write report: due 30th November. Talk will be 11th December.
    • Look into writing data to file in ROOT without continuously opening and closing file.
    • Make simulation multithreaded.
    • Proton imaging meeting with Medical Physics Monday 15th October.


  • Looking into patent application process.
  • Courses are available but current innovation courses currently only available for PhD students.
  • To Do:
    • Understand detector operation from LK.
    • Contact Marina Fuentes Sainz and Vassilios Albanis to explore commercialisation.
    • Contact Derek Thomas to arrange access to labs.


  • In email contact with Lennart Volz at HIT regarding upcoming experimental visit:
    • Helium and protons definitely available; possibly Oxygen and Carbon but will wait and see.
    • Need to run DAQ for PMT setup: will check whether we need digitiser or scope.
    • Will check with Lenny regarding mounting case to table.
    • Need to work out how to fit PMT in one of our cases.
  • To Do:
    • Prepare for HIT Helium tests.
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