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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meetings, 29th September


Simon Jolly, Saad Shaikh, Jeremy Ocampo

Saad Shaikh

  • Met with Raffy to discuss poster for IEEE NSS MIC
    • Raffy to draft landscape version of poster and slides for video presentation.
    • Will meet again to discuss recording of video.
  • Raffy mentioned that we have a UV LED already, will look for it.
    • Will take care not to dismantle detector after next UCLH beam in order to take calibration measurements with UV LED.
  • Simon has heard back from Andy: UCLH beam test possible within next 1-2 months. Exact date TBC. Measurements to be made:
    • Background & calibration
    • Pencil beams, 70-110 MeV, 3 currents (high, low, very low)
    • ±5mm in x-y plane for given z
    • Range steps, no x-y scanning (demo live fit)
      • Will investigate behaviour of live fit when detector is seeing darkness. May require some gating feature.
    • Box field treatment plan
    • Steer beam towards photodiodes(?)
  • Will test experimental setup next week. CMOS sensor to not be used.
  • Beam test at Clatterbridge likely to not happen until new year.
  • Fern has provided headless Pi, will take home to test.
    • Probably easiest to SSH from Mac when using it, requires static IP address.
  • Looking into multi-threading for live fitting.
  • Brief investigation into executing bash commands from webpage, this forum post may be useful.
  • Discussed first version of Connor's stack design:
    • Main issue is providing enough support for sheets of different sizes.
    • Current method would require entire detector recalibration if a module is removed.
    • Is there a way of securing 32 sheets in a gapless holder?
    • Will reconvene with Connor to discuss feedback.
  • Will meet with Marko and Clive tomorrow to discuss Rev C design.
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