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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meetings, 7th April


Saad Shaikh, Simon Jolly, Raffaella Radogna

Saad Shaikh

  • Was at IOP conference Monday-Wednesday this week. Delivered presentation.
    • Met with Ken Long, Andy Pilkington and Jonas Rademacker. Andy and Jonas seemed keen to host PBT talks?
  • Booked PTCOG hotels and flights, and paid registration.
  • Awarded plenary talk at Pisa Meeting for FLASH abstract, QuARC abstract awarded poster.
    • Need to finalise travel arrangements.
  • Able to reconstruct depth-dose curve in GEANT4 simulation using Hits and Sensitive Detectors.
    • Will meet with Laurent to discuss scintillator properties, physics lists and light collection.
  • Simon to print new scintillator stack holder for use with Rev. B boards, to test optical isolation in lab.
    • Will test Rev. C boards again at home with torch and give Marko the OK for production of Rev. D board.
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