Science outreach

Linda presenting the Pint of Science QMUL Physics events
	in 2014

Since the start of my PhD I have been involved in many public speaking events, which range from being interviewed at Radio McMurdo in Antartica, to perform with the Physics Unbound crew, to speaking in schools about my job, research and experience as a female scientist.

An important part of my public engagement activities is dedicated to visibility as an LGBT female scientist. As such I have spoken about neutrino physics and my experience as an LGBT physicist at events such as Out Thinkers and The Science Showoff . I was also selected as one of the faces of the Royal Society social media campaign during LGBT History Month 2018.

At UCL I had the incredible chance to talk to kids and teenagers about the wonders of particle physics thanks to the Your Universe festival. In August 2017 a small group of us prepared an exhibit about detecting ultra high energy neutrinos in Antarctica for the Science Museum Lates.

I have also organised events as part of the Pint of Science festival in 2013-2015, and took part in the online event I'm a scientist get me out of here in 2014 to help engage teenagers in science.


Talking about the ANITA experiment at the Science Museum Lates!

Being interviewed at Radio McMurdo, Antarctica

3 minutes to explain our latest results at the Vienna 2015 Physics Slam.


Bits and bobs


Looking for ultra high energy neutrinos at the South Pole with the ANITA and ARA experiments.

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Neutrino oscillations and cross-sections at T2K and Hyper-Kamiokande.

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Talking about the latest scientific discoveries to the general public at the pub!

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3 minutes to explain our latest results at the Vienna 2015 Physics Slam.

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