2011-12 Intercollegiate Postgraduate Course
in Elementary Particle Physics

HEP groups

Timetable for the 2011-12 lectures (updated, 31/10/2011)

For entry to builidngs you may need your University ID card.

Please consult the UCL map of the Bloomsbury Campus for location of the other rooms :


The Standard Model (Prof. Matthew Wing) mw@hep.ucl.ac.uk
Symmetries and conservation laws (Dr Stephen Haywood) S.J.Haywood@rl.ac.uk
Computing and statistical data analysis (Prof. Glen Cowan) G.Cowan@rhul.ac.uk
HEP analysis (Dr Eram Rizvi) e.rizvi@qmul.ac.uk
UNIX and Root (Dr Marcella Bona) m.bona@qmul.ac.uk
Object-oriented architecture and design (Dr Peter Sherwood) peter.sherwood@cern.ch
Particles detectors (Prof. Peter Hobson) peter.hobson@brunel.ac.uk
Trigger and data acquisition (Dr Monika Wielers) monika.wielers@stfc.ac.uk
CP violation (Dr Marcella Bona) m.bona@qmul.ac.uk
Neutrino physics (Dr Stefania Ricciardi) S.Ricciardi@rl.ac.uk
LHC and hadron collider physics (Dr Mario Campanelli) mario.campanelli@cern.ch

QCD phenomenology and parton densities (Prof. Robert Thorne) thorne@hep.ucl.ac.uk

Particle accelerators (Dr Stewart Boogert) sboogert@pp.rhul.ac.uk

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Matthew Wing, 16/09/2011