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High Energy Physics

28 Jun 2017

Recent News


The first beams have circulated in the Fermilab Muon g-2 experiment; the UK participation in which is led from UCL.


To mark the completion of Linac 4, the new injector for the LHC, Dr Simon Jolly was interviewed by BBC World News about the project. You can watch the video of the interview here (video courtesy of BBC World News).


Prof. Jenny Thomas of UCL HEP has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society. Congratulations Jenny! See more here.

The UCL high energy physics group has 46 academics, research and technical staff and 32 PhD students. We are one of the largest groups in the country with research areas spanning: theory/phenomenology, detector, software and accelerator R&D and analysis of data from the LHC, dark matter and neutrino experiments.

Our research is focussed in 6 physics areas:

Much of our technical work developing next generation particle accelerators, detectors and readout/DAQ systems has applications outside of particle physics: we are developing DAQ for the European X-ray Free Electron Laser at DESY, accelerator optimisation, detector systems and diagnostics for proton therapy, plastic scintillator detectors to image large cargo volumes (CREAM TEA) for security applications and high-purity low background detectors for environment applications.

We also have several outreach initiatives and host an artist-in-residence and several members of the group appear frequently on TV and radio and publish articles in the national press.