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PhD Theses

21 Aug 2017

PhD Theses

Theses listed in reverse date order (most recent at the top).

To access theses on-line, click the link. If a thesis does not appear in this list, there may be a hard copy in the Elizabeth Spreadbury Library. Theses for which we have both electronic and hard copies are marked "ESL".

  1. Probing bb production with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
    Peter Davison, November 2015
  2. Search for double-beta decay of 96Zr with the NEMO-3 detector and ultra-low radioactivity measurements for the SuperNEMO experiment with the BiPo-3 detector
    Guillaume Eurin, October 2015
  3. An Estimate of the Hadron Production Uncertainty and a Measurement of the Rate of Proton Emission after Nuclear Muon Capture for the Comet Experiment
    Andrew Edmonds, March 2015
  4. A Search for Cosmogenic Neutrinos with the Askaryan Radio Array
    Jonathan Davies, October 2014
  5. First observation of electroweak Z boson plus two jet production
    Christian Gütschow, October 2014
  6. Search for double-beta decay of 48Ca in NEMO-3 and commissioning of the tracker for the SuperNEMO experiment
    Cristovao Vilela, September 2014
  7. Characterisation of the MuSIC muon beam and design of the Eu-XFEL LPD/CCC interface firmware
    Sam Cook, September 2014
  8. Electrical Tests of the ATLAS Phase-II Strip Tracker Upgrade
    Samer Kilani, September 2014
  9. Studies of hadronic decays of high transverse momentum W and Z bosons with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
    Rebecca Chislett, August 2014
  10. Boosted bbbardecays with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC
    Luke Lambourne, June 2014
  11. Search for double beta decay of 82Se with the NEMO-3 detector and development of apparatus for low-level radon measurements for the SuperNEMO experiment
    James Mott, Sep 2013
  12. Inclusive Measurement of the Charm Contribution to the Structure Function of the Proton
    Kenan Mujkic, Sep 2013
  13. Measuring the Disappearance of Muon Neutrinos with the MINOS Detectors
    Alexander Radovic, August 2013
  14. Two b or not two b jets: Measurements of inclusive and dijet b-jet differential cross-sections with the ATLAS detector
    Stephen Bieniek, June 2013
  15. Measurements of the total transverse energy in pp collisions and a new technique for model independent missing transverse energy searches with ATLAS
    Peter Wijeratne, June 2013
  16. Double beta decay of 48Ca with NEMO3 and calibration development for SuperNEMO
    Ben Richards, June 2013
  17. Optimisation of the COMET experiment to search for charged lepton flavour violation and a new simulation to study the performance of the EMMA FFAG accelerator
    Richard D'Arcy, September 2012
  18. Studies of Jets, Subjets and Higgs Searches with The ATLAS Detector
    Sarah Baker, September 2012
  19. Modelling Energy Loss Mechanisms and a Determination of the Electron Energy Scale for the CDF Run II W Mass Measurement
    Thomas Riddick, June 2012
  20. A Function-Analytic Development of Field Theory
    David Houseman, June 2012
  21. Jet physics with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC
    James Robinson, March 2012
  22. A Search for Ultra-high Energy Neutrinos and Cosmic Rays with ANITA-2
    Matthew Mottram, February 2012
  23. Search for the neutrinoless double beta decay of 100Mo with the NEMO3 detector and calorimeter research and development for the SuperNEMO experiment
    Anastasia Basharina-Freshville, September 2011
  24. Simulation, Software and First ATLAS Physics
    Alex Richards, June 2011
  25. Exploring Electroweak Symmetry Breaking with Jet Substructure at the ATLAS Experiment
    Adam Davison, September 2010
  26. Investigation of the discovery potential of a Higgs boson in the ttbarH0, H0 → bbbar channel with the ATLAS experiment
    Catrin Bernius, September 2010
  27. PDF and QCD effects in the precision measurement of the W boson mass at CDF
    Dan Beecher, September 2010
  28. Electron Neutrino Appearance in the MINOS Experiment
    Anna Holin, February 2010 (ESL)
  29. Search for the double beta decay of 96Zr with NEMO-3 and calorimeter development for the SuperNEMO experiment
    Matthew Kauer, January 2010 (ESL)
  30. Using ATLAS to Investigate the Associated Production of a Higgs Bososn with a Pair of Top Quarks
    Lily Asquith, December 2009
  31. Precision Measurement of the Mass and Width of the W Boson at CDF
    Sarah Malik, September 2009
  32. A study of the top quark production threshold at a future electron-positron linear collider
    Filimon Gournaris, September 2009
  33. Beauty in photoproduction at HERA II with the ZEUS detector
    Sarah Boutle, August 2009 (ESL)
  34. Supersymmetry or Universal Extra Dimensions? Utilizing the ATLAS Experiment at CERN
    Thomas Byatt, January 2009
  35. Measurement of the Double Beta Decay Half-Life of 100Mo to the 01+ Excited State, and 48Ca to the Ground State in the NEMO 3 Experiment
    Shiva King, October 2008 (ESL)
  36. An Investigation into the Feasibility of a Sea Water and Ice Based Acoustic UHE Neutrino Telescope
    Simon Bevan, October 2008
  37. A Direct Measurement of the W Decay Width
    Troy Vine, Aug 2008
  38. The study of D+- and D0 meson production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA II with the ZEUS detector
    Daniel Nicholass, Aug 2008 (ESL)
  39. Laser Interactions with High Brightness Electron Beams
    Stephen Malton, Feb 2007
  40. Study of WW scattering in the absence of a light Higgs boson using the ATLAS Detector at the LHC
    Efstathios Stefanidis, Jan 2007
  41. An investigation of the Higgs Boson production channel ttbarH0, H0 → bbbar with the ATLAS detector at the LHC.
    Janice Drohan, Sep 2006
  42. A Measurement of the Production of Jets in Association with a W Boson in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at the Tevatron using Data Collected with the CDF Experiment
    Ben Cooper, Sep 2006 (ESL)
  43. An Investigation into Transport Protocols and Data Transport Applications Over High Performance Networks
    Yee-Ting Li, Aug 2006
  44. Beauty Photproduction at HERA II with the ZEUS experiment
    Silvia Miglioranzi, June 2006
  45. Dijet Photoproduction and the Structure of the Proton with the ZEUS detector.
    Chris Targett-Adams, Feb 2006
  46. A Measurement of the W+ W- production cross section in ppbar collisions at √s=1.96 TeV in the DiLepton channel and limits on anomalous WWZ/γ couplings
    Dustin McGivern, Sept 2005 (ESL)
  47. Charm at HERA I and HERA II with the ZEUS experiment
    John Loizides, June 2005
  48. Design and Implementation of the Object-Oriented Fast Simulation Program for the ATLAS experiment and its use to determine the discovery potential of the Higgs Boson via the channel h → Z0Z0* → bbbar l+l-
    Richard Steward, Nov 2004
  49. Measurement and Simulation of the Performance of High Energy Physics Data Grids
    Paul Crosby, June 2004
  50. Dijet Production and MultiScale QCD at HERA
    Matthew Lightwood, June 2004
  51. Calibration of the MINOS detectors
    Ryan Nichol, Oct 2003 (ESL)
  52. Jets and Energy Flow in Photoproduction using the ZEUS Detector at HERA
    Claire Gwenlan, Sep 2003
  53. An eikonal model for multi particle production in hadron-hadron scattering
    Ivan Borozan, Dec 2002
  54. Calibration of the MINOS detectors and extraction of neutrino oscillation parameters
    Chris Smith, Nov 2002
  55. Measurement of the Leptonic Angular Distribution in W-Boson Decay as a Function of the W Transverse Momentum using the CDF Detector at the Tevatron
    Lucio Cerrito, June 2002
  56. Measurement of the Hadronic Photon Structure Function F2γ at LEP2
    Russell Taylor, May 2002
  57. Charm and the Virtual Photon at HERA and a Global Tracking Trigger for ZEUS
    Ben West, August 2001 (ESL)
  58. Dijet Photoproduction and the Structure of the Photon
    Eileen Heaphy, June 2001
  59. Measurement of the Triple Gauge Boson Couplings and W Polarization in W-Pair Production at LEP2
    Jonathan Couchman, Oct 2000 (ESL)
  60. Measurement of the low x behaviour of the Photon Structure Function F2γ
    Edmund Clay, June 2000
  61. A Measurement of the triple Gauge Boson Couplings from e+e- Collisions at 183-189 GeV
    Steven Betts, July 1999
  62. The Study of Heavy Quark Production in High ET Photoproduction at HERA using the ZEUS Detector
    Matthew Wing, January 1999 (ESL)
  63. An analysis of the hadronic final state and jets in deep inelastic e-gamma scattering events using the OPAL detector at LEP
    Anthony M. Rooke, September 1998
  64. Charm in Dijet Photoproduction at HERA
    Mark R. Sutton, August 1998
  65. An Investigation of Singly and Doubly Tagged Photon-Photon Scattering Using the OPAL Detector at LEP
    Edward A. McKigney, September 1998 (ESL)
  66. A Measurement of Dijet Photoproduction at HERA using the Zeus Detector
    Robert L. Saunders, September 1997 (ESL)
  67. Investigation of the Performance of Microstrip Gas Detectors for X-rays and Evaluation of their Application to Mammography
    Antonis Papanestis, July 1997
  68. Measurements of the Tau Lepton Polarisation Asymmetries Using TAU --> MUON MUON-ANTINEUTRINO TAU-NEUTRINO Decay Identified in the OPAL Detector at LEP.
    Clive M. Lewis, December 1996 RAL-TH-97-002 (ESL)
  69. A Study of Photon Structure with Special Attention to the Low-x Region
    Jason J. Ward, August 1996 RAL-TH-96-014 (ESL)
  70. Energy flows in deep inelastic scattering at HERA
    Philip B. Kaziewicz, November 1995
  71. Measurement of charged particles from the hadronic final state of electron-proton deep inelastic scattering at a centre of mass energy of 296 GeV
    Corinna Catterall, September 1995