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23 Apr 2014

UCL HEP Seminars

Seminars are generally held at 4pm on Fridays in room A1 on the top floor of the physics department

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Please send suggestions for topics and/or speakers to Andreas Korn and Patrick Motylinski.

Upcoming Seminars

16/5/2014, Phillipe Mermod (Geneva)

"Magnetic monopoles at the LHC and in the Cosmos"

Dirac showed in 1931 that the existence of one magnetic monopole in the Universe would explain why electric charge is quantised. The monopole also arises as a natural consequence of Grand Unification theories. While collider experiments provide direct laboratory studies, stable particles with masses beyond the reach of man-made accelerators could have been produced in the early Universe and still be present today. I shall review experimental searches for monopoles at colliders, focusing on recent developments at the LHC. I shall also provide a survey of monopole searches with cosmic-ray detectors and trapped in matter, and propose a few promising avenues for the future.