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28 Jan 2015

UCL HEP Seminars

Seminars are generally held at 4pm on Fridays in room A1 on the top floor of the physics department

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Please send suggestions for topics and/or speakers to Andreas Korn and Patrick Motylinski.

Upcoming Seminars

30/01/2015 Simon Bevan/John Loizides

From Particles to Electronic Trading

We will give a detailed overview of the exciting world of FX electronic trading (eFX), detailing the cutting edge technology and mathematics that drive the modern markets. Throughout we will highlight how the skills developed during our stint in HEP translated directly into eFX and why particle physicists are still in such demand.

13/02/2015 : Adam Gibson (UCL)

Cherenkov imaging in radiotherapy



20/02/2015 Andrea Banfi (Sussex)

A general method for final-state resummations in QCD

a general method for final-state resummations in QCD Abstract: we present a novel method that makes it possible to resum event-shape distributions and jet rates at NNLL accuracy. We present results for suitable observables in e+e- annihilation and discuss the generalisation of the method to hadron-hadron collisions and higher logarithmic accuracy.