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13 Feb 2016

UCL HEP Seminars

Seminars are generally held at 4pm on Fridays in room A1 on the top floor of the physics department

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Please send suggestions for topics and/or speakers to Andreas Korn and Lucian Harland-Lang.

Upcoming Seminars

19/02/2016 Uli Haisch (Oxford)

Indirect probes of Higgs effective theory

I review the existing indirect constraints on Wilson coefficients entering the Higgs effective theory. These limits are compared to the direct bounds obtained from LHC and LEP physics.


26/02/2016: Chiara Casella (Geneva)

The SAFIR (Small Animal Fast Insert for mRi) experiment

SAFIR - Small Animal Fast Insert for mRi - is a non conventional positron emission tomography (PET) detector for fast and simultaneous hybrid PET/MRI imaging on small animals. The PET detector is designed specifically to be used inside the bore of a commercial 7T pre-clinical magnetic resonance scanner and with ultra short acquisition durations of the order of a few seconds, to enable quantitative dynamic studies of fast biological processes (e.g. blood perfusion and cerebral blood flow with 15O tracers). To compensate for the statistics losses due to the short scan durations, SAFIR will use up to 500 MBq injected activities, one order of magnitude increase with respect to state-of-the-art preclinical systems. Beside the clear MR compatibility, severe important challenges have to be met by the SAFIR detector, mainly in terms of spatial resolution, timing resolution and sensitivity, high number of readout channels, high rate capability per channel and huge data throughput. The detector will rely on matrices of L(Y)SO crystals, optically coupled to SiPM arrays and readout by existing fast readout ASICs. The seminar will describe the SAFIR goal, its concept and the status of the project, with particular emphasis on the characterization measurements of the detector components, including the recent high rate tests performed with different ASICs for the SiPM readout.

09/03/2016 Prof. Chris Done (Durham University)

XXVI SPREADBURY LECTURE: Black Holes - Science fact, fiction or fantasy ?

Black holes are a key plot device in science fiction and fantasy: wormholes through space and time ! In this lecture I'll separate out the fact from the fiction, and talk about how black holes went from a speculative extension of Einstein's gravity to a mainstream observational science via the development of rockets at the start of the space age.

11/03/2016: IOP Practise TALKS!

3rd years!

Exciting new results!