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27 Nov 2015

UCL HEP Seminars

Seminars are generally held at 4pm on Fridays in room A1 on the top floor of the physics department

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Upcoming Seminars

04/12/2015 Dr. Sofiane Boucenna (Frascati)

Common Frameworks for DM and Baryogenesis (TBC)

The nature of dark matter (DM) and the origin of the baryon asymmetry of the Universe (BAU) are two enduring mysteries in particle physics and cosmology. Many approaches have been developed to tackle them simultaneously leading to diverse models and paradigms, such as Asymmetric dark matter (ADM). In the first part of the talk I will give a (brief) overview of what has been done so far, highlighting the important concepts of these constructions. Then, In the second part, I will present a new framework relating the weakly interacting massive particles paradigm to ADM in a minimal and model-independent way.


11/12/2015 Dr. Juan Rojo (Oxford)

Reduction strategies for the combination of PDF sets and the PDF4LHC15 recommendations

We discuss recently developed strategies for the statistical combination of PDF sets. These methods allow to combine the predictions of many different PDF sets into a single combined set, in terms of optimized sets of Hessian eigenvectors or Monte Carlo replicas. These combination strategies have been used for the implementation of the 2015 PDF4LHC recommendations, required for the estimation of the total PDF+alphas uncertainties for LHC cross-sections at Run II. We discuss the improvements as compared to the 2011 PDF4LHC prescription, and the impact of the new prescription on precision measurements at Run II.