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29 Jan 2020

Summer Student Opportunities

Summer Student Programmes at National Labs

The two major European Laboratories for Particle Physics, CERN and DESY, and the leading US particle physics laboratory, FNAL, offer very attractive Summer Student programmes for 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students of Physics or related subjects (such as Computing, Elec. Engineering etc). These are unique opportunities to get a first hand experience of how research is conducted at an international scale.

The deadline for applications to the CERN summer school is generally at the end of January and further details are available from the CERN website.

The deadline for applications to the DESY is at the end of January and further details are available from the DESY summer students page.

The deadline for the application to the FNAL programmes is February. Further details for the two programmes are here (IPM) and here (Accelerators) .

The particle physics group at RAL also runs a summer student programme, details can be found here: the deadline for applications is usually in February.

Faculty Scholarship Schemes

The MAPS faculty offers opportunities and funding for students to work with a research group over the summer. Further information can be found here.

UCL HEP Voluntary Research Work

If you are interested in voluntary research work within the UCL HEP group then please contact Jim Levin with a copy of your CV and a brief outline of why you are interested in particle physics research and what you'd like to do. We can only take 5-10 students per year and we will let you know if you've been selected in mid April. A few common questions about the voluntary work are answered here.