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24 Mar 2023

Summer Student Opportunities

Brian Duff Summer Internship

The HEP group at the Department of Physics and Astronomy are offering three studentships to undergraduates interested in pursuing research projects over the summer. The key aims of the studentships are to give motivated undergraduates the opportunity to work on a research project, gain experience developing and writing a research proposal and presenting their research to their peers.

Please state in your application if you are applying for an online-project or an on-campus project. Please note that on-campus projects may be restricted in the summer depending on governmental guidelines in response to the pandemic. Students submitting on-campus projects can also submit an alternative online-project in the same application should the on-campus projects not be possible.

Deadline for applications is to be decided but likely in April. General enquiries should be directed to the Group Administrator


  • Applicants should be undergraduates in the department of Physics and Astronomy or UCL Natural Sciences undergraduates with Physics as main stream.
  • The main supervisor of the project must be a current academic in the department of Physics and Astronomy.
  • Students will be provided a bursary of £2000 during the studentship and are expected to work on the summer project for a total duration of 8–10 weeks.

Application Instructions

  • The student should contact the prospective supervisor ahead of time and the student and supervisor should develop the project and application together.
  • Proposals should be in the form of a one-page motivation letter highlighting why the student is interested in the programme, a 1-side A4 case for support describing the proposed project, and a 1-side A4 CV of the student.
  • The case for support should include the name and research group (HEP or AMOPP) of the supervisor, the name and student number of the student, the student's fee status, and the proposed duration of the project.
  • Deadline for applications is likely to be in April. Proposal and CV should be combined into one PDF document and emailed to the group administrator.
  • Successful applicants will be notified in May.

UCL HEP Voluntary Research Work

If you are interested in voluntary research work within the UCL HEP group then please contact the group administrator with a copy of your CV and a brief outline of why you are interested in particle physics research and what you'd like to do. We can only take 5-10 students per year and we will let you know if you've been selected in mid April. A few common questions about the voluntary work are answered here.

Summer Student Programmes at National Labs

The two major European Laboratories for Particle Physics, CERN and DESY, and the leading US particle physics laboratory, FNAL, offer very attractive Summer Student programmes for 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students of Physics or related subjects (such as Computing, Elec. Engineering etc). These are unique opportunities to get a first hand experience of how research is conducted at an international scale.

Faculty Scholarship Schemes

The MAPS faculty offers opportunities and funding for students to work with a research group over the summer. Further information can be found on Moodle: MAPS Summer Research Internships. The student application deadline likely to be in March.