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10 Dec 2023

UCL HEP Seminars & Vivas

Seminars are generally held at 16:00 on Fridays in room A1 on the top floor of the Physics Department or — in the unlikely event of a global pandemic — online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

A calendar of all seminars in the Physics Department is available on the Physics Events Calendar page.

Please send suggestions for topics and/or speakers to Matteo Agostini, Lucy Bailey, Lucian Harland-Lang, Andreas Korn and Margot MacMahon.

Upcoming Seminars & Vivas

: Mieczyslaw Witold Krasny (LPNHE, Sorbonne University Paris & CERN) -- G08, Roberts Building

Gamma Factory -- a tool-driven revolution?

In this talk, I shall present the Gamma Factory project, being developed at CERN over the last 7 years. Its goal is to broaden significantly the present CERN research programme by including a new component which can be open by the novel-type light source. The proposed, partially-stripped-ion-beam-driven light source is the backbone of the Gamma Factory project. It could be realized at CERN by re-using the infrastructure of the already existing accelerators and by profiting from the recent progress in the laser technology. It could extend the scientific life of the LHC storage rings beyond its HL-LHC phase. Gamma Factory could push the intensity limits of the presently operating light-sources by at least 7 orders of magnitude, reaching the flux of up to 10^18 photons/s, in the particularly interesting gamma-ray energy domain of 0.1 — 400 MeV, which is presently nor accessible to the FEL photon sources. The partially stripped ion beams, the unprecedented-intensity energy-tuned gamma beams, together with the gamma-beam-driven secondary beams of polarized positrons, polarized muons, neutrinos, neutrons, and radioactive ions constitute the basic research tools of the Gamma Factory. A broad spectrum of new research opportunities, in a vast domain of uncharted fundamental and applied physics territories, could be opened by the Gamma Factory. Examples of new research opportunities and the status of the project development will be presented in this talk. 

: Chayan Majumdar (UCL)

Constraining the SMEFT with Right-Handed Neutrinos at FCC-ee

The existence of right-handed neutrinos (RHNs), or heavy neutral leptons (HNLs), is strongly motivated by the observation of small but finite neutrino masses and mixings. In this work, we have extended the Standard Model (SM) particle content with a pair of gauge-singlet fermions, which can be Dirac or Majorana in nature. Adopting a model-independent effective field theory (EFT) framework, more specifically NRSMEFT, we consider all possible operators of different Lorentz structures i.e., scalar-pseudoscalar (SP), vector-axial vector (VA), and tensor-axial tensor (TAT) types upto mass dimension 6. With these operators, we analyze the future electron positron circular collider (FCC-ee) prospects and constrain the corresponding new physics (NP) cut-off scale ΛNP in the monophoton channel with √s = 91.2 GeV at 100 ab−1 as well as √s = 240 GeV at 5 ab−1 integrated luminosities.

: Josh McFayden (Sussex)


: Paul Newman (Birmingham)