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18 Apr 2024

Cavity Beam Position Monitors

UCL LC group previosuly worked on designing cavity beam position monitors (BPMs) and this page is kept as a document of that. These devices are one of the key points in the design of the Energy Spectrometer. Activities were focused on the nanoBPM project at ATF, to develop a very high resolution of this type of BPMs. We also collaborated in the SLAC End Station A (ESA) tests. One of the test programs running there was on the Energy Spectrometer. A number of tests of different BPM designs were made at ESA, including Spectrometry-optimized BPMs we were now working on.

The main results were written up in this publication.


BPM Theory courtesy of Alexey Liapine.

BPM design work schedule

  1. Fixed the cavity parameters using KEK, BINP, DESY/TU-Berlin and SLAC experience
  2. Electrical cavity design - 2 structures, round and rectangular - in progress
  3. Electronics design
  4. Design and produce 2 prototypes for a laboratory test
  5. Produce a prototype electronics
  6. Laboratory tests
  7. Final decision on the cavity structure, design tuning
  8. Mechanical design of the cavity
  9. Produce 3 vacuum prototype cavities for a resolution test
  10. Equip all 3 prototypes with complete electronics
  11. NEED a stable frame like LLNL design for resolution measurements: