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20 May 2024


ZEUS is a detector collaboration at the world's only electron-proton collider, HERA, which is at the DESY laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. The HERA collider finished in 2007 although high-quality physics publications are still coming out.

Some recent highlights:
  • No more pentaquarks: ZEUS Coll., Search for a narrow baryonic state decaying to p KS0 in deep inelastic scattering at HERA, Phys. Lett. B 759 (2016) 446
  • Final combined DIS data: H1 and ZEUS Coll., Combination of Measurements of Inclusive Deep Inelastic ep Scattering Cross Sections and QCD Analysis of HERA Data, Eur. Phys. J. C 75 (2015) 580
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