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Foundations of quantum mechanics: experiment and theory

19 Jul 2024

Group Members

Dr. Rob Flack Principle Investigator r.flack@ucl.ac.uk
Prof. Peter Barker Professor from AMOPP group, UCL p.barker@ucl.ac.uk
Prof. Basil Hiley Emeritus Professor of Physics, Birkbeck b.hiley@bbk.ac.uk
Dr. Peter Edmunds Post Doctoral Associate p.edmunds@ucl.ac.uk
Dr. David Robson Visiting Researcher d.robson@ucl.ac.uk
Vincenzo Monachello PhD Student vincenzo.monachello.14@ucl.ac.uk
Joel Morley PhD Student joel.morley.14@ucl.ac.uk
Robert Callaghan Simulations