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High Energy Physics

19 Jul 2024


Here is a list of the conferences that have been hosted by the UCL HEP group:

  • ENLIGHT 2018: 16th annual meeting and training day of the European Network for Light Ion Hadron Therapy (ENLIGHT).
  • BOOST 2014: 6th International Workshop on Boosted Object Phenomenology, Reconstruction & Searches in HEP.
  • IoP 2010: 2010 Annual IoP High Energy Physics (+Astro Particle) Conference.
  • DIS 2008: XVI International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects.
  • SMLHC09: London workshop on standard model discoveries with early LHC data.
  • GridPP22: 22nd GridPP collaboration meeting.
  • Young Theorists' Forum: High Energy Physics Young Theorists' Forum 2009.