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16 Apr 2024

Trigger and Software@UCL

UCL has been a big contributor to the development/maintenance/optimization of software for the ATLAS High Level Triggers (HLT) as well as offline software. In terms of offline software, we are in charge of the Atlantis Event Display and the online Event Displays framework running in the ATLAS Control Room. We have also fully developed and maintain the RunTimeTest, the framework used extensively in ATLAS for testing automatically all software packages in various releases and configurations of the ATLAS software project. In HLT, we were the lead developers of the fast pattern recognition algorithms for the Level-2 Trigger of ATLAS during Run-1, and continue a key involvememnt in the operations, validation and monitoring of the HLT tracking. we have also been leading the Jet Trigger and b-jet Trigger signature groups and have key roles in the Trigger Menu activities and the Monte Carlo production for the Trigger optimization studies.

Key Academics

Dr. Mario Capmanelli
Prof. Nikos Konstantinidis
Dr. Emily Nurse

Leadership Positions

Prof. Nikos Konstantinidis - Event Displays coordinator 2010-present
Dr. Mario Campanelli - Jet Trigger coordinator 2010-2014
Dr. Emily Nurse - HLT tracking deputy coordinator 2011-2013
Dr. Katharine Leney - b-jet Trigger coordinator 2014-2015
Dr. Alex Martyniuk - Jet Trigger coordinator 2016-present

An example of an Atlantis Event Display showing a di-muon event with several additional pile-up vertices.