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Advanced Wakefield Experiment (AWAKE)

17 Jun 2024

AWAKE Applications PhD Studentship

We at UCL are one of the leading groups within the AWAKE collaboration. Our principle contribution to the experiment is the development of the AWAKE spectrometer which we will use to measure the energy spectrum of accelerated electrons. We are also developing possible applications of the AWAKE scheme to future particle physics experiments. The PhD studentship will focus on:
  • Design and development of AWAKE spectrometer for AWAKE Run 2, with possible electron energies of 10 GeV.
  • Design and development of physics case for future applications of AWAKE scheme to accelerate electrons to high energy.
Development of the future AWAKE Run 2 programme will involve simulation and prototype testing. The possible applications of the AWAKE scheme are high-energy ep colliders and fixed-target experiments searching for dark photon. This will involve detector and accelerator design as well as development of the physics case most likely of an experiment to search for dark photons. This will require regular visits to CERN and other collaborating institutes. This position is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.