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Dark Matter

22 Apr 2021

UCL Dark Matter Group Members


Name Location Email
Chamkaur Ghag Cosmoparticle Hub c.ghag AT ucl.ac.uk
Jim Dobson D10 j.dobson AT ucl.ac.uk
Theresa Fruth D10 theresa.fruth.11 AT ucl.ac.uk
Paolo Beltrame Visiting Researcher p.beltrame AT ucl.ac.uk

PhD Students

Name Location Email
Umit Utku D109 umit.utku.12 AT ucl.ac.uk
Nicolas Angelides Cosmoparticle Hub n.angelides.17 AT ucl.ac.uk
Omar Jahangir Cosmoparticle Hub o.jahangir.17 AT ucl.ac.uk
Ishan Khurana C14 ishan.khurana.14 AT ucl.ac.uk
Robert James Cosmoparticle Hub robert.james.19 AT ucl.ac.uk
Anna David TBA anna.david.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Emily Perry TBA emily.perry.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Fiona Alder TBA fiona.alder.20 AT ucl.ac.uk


Michele Cascella
Laura Manenti
Lea Reichhart
Sally Shaw

For more information on any of the activities of the Dark Matter Group at UCL contact Prof. Chamkaur Ghag.