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Dark Matter

18 Jun 2024
18 Jun 2024

Electromagnetic Field Festival 2018

Electromagnetic Field is a non-profit UK camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers. Comprised of many things between giant hexapod mantis robot suits, to immersive algorithm-generated music performances, this festival did not fail to inspire and stimulate the imagination of all participants. As one of the speakers, Nicolas had the opportunity to contribute to this experience. In this talk, the audience is guided through a tour of the mysteries of the Universe, while highlighting the subject of Dark Matter.

Dark Matter and Bright Minds

This is the story of how a paradigm shift in Cosmology began told through an interactive novel developed by members of the group.

Download by cliking a link below
Dark Matter and Bright Minds for Mac
Dark Matter and Bright Minds for Linux
Dark Matter and Bright Minds for Windows
Dark Matter and Bright Minds for Android Phones

Dark Matter UK - Introduction Video

This video was produced with the help of Explosive Alan Productions and film maker Richard Millington, and the support of STFC.

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Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "OGG"

Dark Matter Day 2017 Discussion Group

In collaboration with the Laboratory of Dark Matters, dark matter day was celebrated in an evening aiming to explore the multiple facets of Dark Matter(s) and its emergence in three selected pieces of literature. Texts were selected from subjects in physics, culture and everyday life in an attempt to bridge disciplines and capture the public's imagination. Follow future events organised by the Laboratory of Dark Matters through their twitter account @darkmatterslab or Facebook Page