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Theory & Phenomenology

24 Feb 2021

Theory & Phenomenology

Within the UCL high energy physics group, the theory & phenomenology research programme focusses on the following areas:

Standard Model Physics

Probe QCD in the new environment of high multiplicity, large boosts and multiple interactions that the LHC provides and utilise the advances made to benefit our electroweak symmetry breaking programme and the development of improved models of proton structure and QCD interactions. More information on this part of our research can be found on our Standard Model Theory page.

Beyond the Standard Model Physics

Use the information provided by current particle physics experiments to constrain and pinpoint new physics scenarios beyond the Standard Model, and to guide future experimental efforts to optimally explore the new physics frontier. As part of this programme, we put a focus on neutrino and lepton flavour physics. More information on this part of our research can be found on our Beyond the SM Theory page.

Current Members

Name Location Email
Patrick BoltonD14patrick.bolton.17 @ ucl.ac.uk
Tom CridgeC14t.cridge @ ucl.ac.uk
Frank DeppischD106Bf.deppisch @ ucl.ac.uk
Keith HamiltonD22 keith.hamilton @ ucl.ac.uk
Wei LiuD109wei.liu.16 @ ucl.ac.uk
Jamie McGowan C17 j.mcgowan.18 @ ucl.ac.uk
Ricky NathvaniD14ricky.nathvani.15 @ ucl.ac.uk
Robert ThorneC16robert.thorne @ ucl.ac.uk

Former Members

Name Currently
Tim CoughlinOcado
Nishita DesaiTIFR Munbai
Tomas Gonzalo VelascoMonash University Melbourne
Lukas GrafMPIK Heidelberg
Lucian Harland-LangOxford University
Julia HarzTechnical University Munich
David HousemanFinance
Wei-Chih HuangCP3 Origins, Odense
Patrick MotylinskiComputing
Daniel Quill
Jennifer SmillieUniversity of Edinburgh
Benjamin WattFinance
Graeme WattIPPP, University of Durham