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04 Jun 2020

Voluntary Resarch Work with the UCL HEP Group

How do I apply?

Please send a CV and a separate brief outline of why you want to do a project and what interests you to Shanice Thomas.

What is the duration of the programme?

This depends on the supervisor for the work and their availability which varies but typically we offer placements for as short as a week but as long as 6 weeks. The typical duration is 2 weeks.

What are we expected and required to do?

Again this varies depending on the project: some projects are based on analysis of data for which a knowledge of C++ (and sometimes Python) and the Linux operating system is beneficial and some are based around hardware and getting apparatus to work and taking measurements from the data. Since these posts are voluntary we canot mandate you to do anything! But we'd expect you to work a standard day (9am - 5pm) and fit in with the schedules of the work being undertaken.

When will I hear about my application?

We get many applications and typically can only accomodate approx 5-10 students per year and this depends on the availability of suitablle projects and supervistos which aren't generally known until April. So we will typically let people know in mid April.

Are they paid?

No but we will do our best to re-imburse out of pocket expenses i.e. reasonanble expenses for lunch and travel for getting into UCL.

Do we take people from outside of UCL?

Yes but our priority is to UCL undergraduates. The number of applicants from UCL alone is generally much larger (factor of 2-3m more) than the number of students we can accomodate.

What projects are offered ?

Again this depends on which supervisors are available but we will endeavour to offer projects across the full range of our research: see here for an overview of the projects we are involved in. If you have a particular interest in a given area then please say so when sending in your inquiry.