Lily Asquith's (ex) Web Page

Update (2014) Lily has now moved to Sussex. Webpage is still rubbish.

Update (2010) Lily has moved to Argonne, where she has an equally unstimulating webpage.

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Dept of Physics & Astronomy
University College London
Gower Street

+44 (0)207 679 3498


I am a PhD student at UCL, working on the search for a low mass Higgs boson which we expect (according to the Standard Model of Particle Physics) to see with the ATLAS detector at CERN when it starts running (10th September 2008; see here for news..).

The Higgs channel I am working on is called ttH(H->bb), which means a Higgs boson is produced in association with a top quark and anti-top quark, and the higgs then decays to a bquark and anti b-quark.
Here is a Feynman diagram of this channel.
There is an excellent video here explaining what a Higgs boson is.
The UCL analysis is publicly available as an Athena package in cvs and there is a wiki page here describing the package.
My moodle pages for the undergraduate physics labs are here
The web page for the workshop on standard model discoveries with early LHC data is here
A poster explaining my research for the 2009 graduate school poster competition is here