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Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Intensive Science

17 Jun 2024

Industry Partner Organisations

The CDT training programme is tailored to maximise the interactions and networking opportunities between the PhD students and our partner organizations, as well as encouraging knowledge-transfer between all the sectors and fields involved in DIS. To achieve this, we have selected as partners of the CDT a unique blend of private and public sector organisations that are either developers or clients of DIS techniques. In total, we currently have 20 organisations engaged with the Centre, shown in the table below, which span a broad range of sectors, from banking and publishing, to cyber security, transportation, and Customer Data Analysis, to name just a few. As well as offering secondment opportunities to the students, the partners also act as mentors, provide industry focussed training sessions and provide feedback on the overall training programme to ensure it is tailored to fulfil the requirements of all sectors.

There are always opportunities for new companies to get involved in the CDT, so if you are a company with interest in this field, please contact Prof. Nikos Konstantinidis or Prof. Ofer Lahav for further details.

An overview of the organisations currently engaged with the CDT providing both training and secondment opportunities.