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15 Jun 2021

PhD Studentships Projects 2021/22


You can find a provisional list of the studentships projects which will likely be available for the 2021/22 intake below. Additional projects may be added to the list prior to the interviews and if there is an area which you would really like to undertake a project on, but you don't see listed below please get in touch with us. Applicants should keep in mind the projects outlined below are a starting point for a conversation on the exact research project that will be undertaken during the period of the PhD. Projects will be assigned after you have accepted a place in the CDT, with students able to further discuss their final project choice and topic with perspective supervisors at that point. For further details on any of the projects please contact the project supervisor.

  • ATLAS - "Revolutionising tracking and b-jet identification to explore new regions and understand the fundamental workings of the Universe", Supervisor: Tim Scanlon

  • ATLAS - "Searching for pair-production of Higgs bosons (in the channel HH->4b) with the ATLAS detector at the LHC", Supervisor: Nikos Konstantinidis

  • ATLAS - "Machine-Learning based unfolding", Supervisor: Mario Campanelli

  • ATLAS - "Machine learning enhanced jet finding and calibrations for H->bb", Notes: This is a special studentship joint with the DESY and will include a 1.5 year stay at DESY, Supervisor: Tim Scanlon

  • DUNE - "Applying deep learning tools to event reconstruction in next generation neutrino detectors", Supervisor: Chris Backhouse

  • LZ/GEN3 - "The future of dark matter detection", Supervisor: Cham Ghag

  • "Genetic algorithm and design evolution of Metamaterial optics Astrophysics instrumentation and Satellite communication", Supervisor: Giorgio Savini

  • "AI-based statistical inference for cosmology", Supervisor: Jason McEwen

  • "AI for Cosmology from DES and DESI", Supervisor: Ofer Lahav

  • "Unveiling the architecture and dynamics of extrasolar planets", Supervisor: Vincent Van Eylen

  • "Unlocking the full potential of the Gaia early and full DR3 data releases for low luminosity stars", Supervisor: Jay Farihi

  • "Understanding earthquakes with astrophysical methods", Supervisor: Benjamin Joachimi

  • "Geometric deep learning on the celestial sphere for cosmology and beyond", Supervisor: Jason McEwen

  • "Machine learning of pressure dependence of molecular line profiles for Exoplanets", Supervisor: Jonathan Tennyson

  • UKAEA - "Exploiting the convergence of AI and HPC at the Exascale to develop fast, actionable surrogate models for Fusion Science & Engineering", Supervisor: Rob Akers

  • "Using AI to identify satellites and space debris from EISCAT and EISCAT-3D radar backscatter", Supervisor: Anasuya Aruliah