Proton Calorimetry/Experimental Runs/2016

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The following experimental runs were made in 2016:

24th-25th November 2016

  • Give short explanation of the purpose and results.

2nd-3rd August 2016

  • To obtain energy-to-range calibration measurements with a calibration wheel used by physicists at Clatterbridge with detector module comprising a 2" PMT and new PS-based scintillator.
  • To obtain data cross-checking measurements taken with the wheel to that taken with PMMA blocks of equivalent thickness at the same location, and further upstream at the modulator box.
  • To record total dose delivered to the new PS-based scintillator for radiation damage and hardness considerations.
  • To record waveform data with new LeCroy HDO6104 oscilloscope.
  • To record neutron measurements with the large 8" PMT hexagonal block module.
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