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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 11th January 2017 (D17, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Simon Jolly, Laurent Kelleter, Adam Knoetze, Matthieu Hentz


  • Clatterbridge simulations: now running 1 million events:
    • Split simulations and submitted to batch farm: reduced simulation time from 24 hrs to 30 mins.
    • Will look into longer simulations using different batch farm queues.
  • Updated beamline construction with second dose monitor.
    • Will put together diagram with coordinates, dimensions and materials to send to Clatterbridge to check dimensions.
    • Will also collate results to send to Carsten Welsch at Liverpool for review.


  • Finally dividing scope waveform files successfully: each waveform is 2,502 lines ie. 1000.4ns.
  • Converted data files from August and November: all correctly split up.
  • Python conversion script runs much more quickly (<10mins).
  • Using this data as detector emulator input:
    • Poisson distributed signal rate.
    • Constant, actual rate.
  • Will take waveforms from 20kHz dataset:
    • Normalise magnitudes and overlay waveforms to check variation with amplitude;
    • Use only waveforms with amplitude above 70% of max to compare large amplitude waveforms;
    • Calculate "ideal" waveform for input to digitiser.


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