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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meeting, 8th March 2017 (D17, Physics & Astronomy, UCL)


Simon Jolly, Ruben Saakyan, Anastasia Basharina-Freshville, Laurent Kelleter, Adam Knoetze, Matthieu Hentz, Andreas Christou, Jordan Silverman


  • Working on waveform fitting in ROOT:
    • Gaussian part of the fit works.
    • Trying to fit falling edge of pulse using single exponential.
    • Will try implementing double exponential.
  • Can already filter out pulses with more than one peak:
    • Will reconstruct ADC spectrum from filtered waveforms.
    • Will vary integration window for pulse (50, 100, 150ns used in experiment).


  • Looking at emittance and beam profile evolution along Clatterbridge beamline.
  • Ignoring protons that fall outside the measurement region in simulations.
  • Need to check initial parameters and beam density distributions: will plot intensity distributions to make it clearer.
  • Updated geometry based on information from Andrzej.



  • Started looking at data from MedAustron experimental runs.
  • 0.7% FWHM energy resolution at 252MeV!
  • Will continue analysing results: can distribute to collaborators once complete.


  • Still looking at photon depth curve in simulations.
  • Improved y errors: includes fluctuation in energy deposition.
  • Fit looks good but not perfect around Bragg peak.
  • Errors on fitted energy underestimated but final range close to reality.
  • SJ suggests contacting Roger Barlow (Huddersfield) to discuss fit accuracy.

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