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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meetings, 20th May (Everyone is working from home)


Simon Jolly,Laurent Kelleter, Saad Shaikh, Raffaella radogna

Raffaella Radogna

  • Reading Ch8 of Laurent's thesis
  • Samo doesn't want to report the QuARC competitive detectors on the market reasearch to prevent Cosylab from breaking NDA. We decided to state that the prices are provided by UCL following private comunication with clinical centres.
  • Adding a tail to the QB model to fit the ion fragmentation tail.

Saad Shaikh

  • Is in touch with Matthew Warren about FPGA design
    • Some example code provided, but progress is slow.
    • Next step is to program a state machine: FPGA to accept serial input from computer and show output through LEDs.
  • Found a course on Udemy on VHDL and FPGA design
    • Don't know how good it'll be – but it was heavily discounted so worth a shot. Will work through this first to pick up some basics.
  • Will contact Electronic and Electrical Engineering to see if any modules on logic design can be accessed.
  • Presented preliminary results on using 2nd order Birks law. Slides can be found here.
    • Adam/Mansour's data not the best – high-quality PDLs could be found from Beddar Laboratory.
    • Difficult to evaluate performance of model with low-resolution telescope data but signs that successful fits give better range reconstruction at the cost of an unphysical Birks constant. Will need further testing with data from next beam test to check robustness.
    • Can't evaluate performance with ions due to lack of high-resolution PDLs for ions. Laurent suggested that best method would be to incorporate Kramer's model first so that dose calculation is more accurate and then evaluate performance of quenching.
  • Will read and give feedback on chapters 6-8 of Laurent's thesis.
  • Will divide time 50/50 between FPGA and reading up on Kramer's model in order to get in touch with Lenny.

Laurent Kelleter

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