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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meetings, 2nd September


Simon Jolly, Saad Shaikh, Fern Pannell

Saad Shaikh

  • Finished transfer report.
  • Wrote first draft of talk slides.
  • Wrote Wiki page on background and operation of Zybo and DDC232.
  • Uploading data to Plus1 seems to work with CoolTerm, C++ CSV generation and tail/cat commands.
    • Will add argument in C++ macro to control rate of CSV file generation on local machine.
  • Will write Wiki page on QuARC data analysis.
  • Will implement readout before and after CONV toggles on DDC232.
  • Will give a mock talk in next week's meeting.

Fern Pannell

  • 2 Pis set up with Argon cases and thermal gel.
  • Developed rough scaffolding structure for frontend display in JS.
    • Chart.js library used for visuals.
  • Researched and experimented with several parsing libraries.
    • Papa Parse deemed the only suitable library for easy success client-side.
    • Papa Parse can be revisited for more complex data structures (JSON).
  • Manually parsing one-line CSV file with fetch API and node http server.
    • Issue 1: CSV data only parsing when read as a column (reconfigure for row).
    • Issue 2: Updating the data file is not reflected in the chart upon refresh - cannot test java PhotodiodeValues file until this is resolved.
  • Next steps focus on reconfiguring the manual parsing for row-based data and resolving data updating issues.
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