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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meetings, 10th February


Simon Jolly, Raffaella Radogna, Saad Shaikh, Fern Pannell

Raffaella Radogna

Saad Shaikh

  • Implemented dynamic setting of number of DDC232 boards in UART FPGA design (in addition to USB design).
  • FTDI script now starts a new file for measurements after specified refresh rate, rather than after a certain number of measurements.
    • WriteCSV however still requires specification of refresh rate to ensure file reader doesn't break – synchronisation is easier now that new files are started after time periods.
    • Will investigate performing writeCSV tasks at FTDI level, to improve DAQ rate and synchronisation.
  • Added Bragg fit to live DAQ: liveFit reads latest file, averages measurements and then performs fit.
    • Took Run 47 from HIT April 2019 dataset as sample Bragg curve and scaled real photodiode data as small amount of noise.
    • Typically achieve 2-3Hz with 48 data points (3 DDC232 boards), whether plot is displayed or not. Appears that number of data points is the largest bottleneck.
    • Will need to investigate non-ROOT-based fitting procedures to improve fitting rate.
  • Did a fresh install of MacOS Big Sur on DAQ MacBook Pro.
    • Problems installing MacPorts and ROOT, due to Xcode SDKs. ROOT appears to want 11.0 whereas MacPorts wants 11.2. Latest version of Xcode appears to only provide 11.1!
  • Will chase up Texas Instruments about DDC232 daisy-chain problems.
  • HEP PhD "Summer" School will be held online for two weeks beginning 15th March. Will need to present a poster on work so far.

Fern Pannell

  • Decided the JavaScript should be restructured to read from a multiple-line CSV for showing fit data, rather than a separate file.
    • This will ensure photodiode data and fit data are displayed synchronously.
    • JavaScript reconfiguration is also more straight forward with this approach.
  • Next Steps:
    • Tweak java PhotodiodeDataWriter to generate two different lines of data (still 16 values in each line).
    • Create new version of the GUI that shows line 1 data as photodiode bars and line 2 data as fitted curve.
    • Clean up my folders on the HEP server within pbt/PDdisplay because the lack of organisation is getting embarrassing.

PhD Update:

  • Oxford interviews completed with the John Adams Institute - AWAKE and MASSIF.
  • Will consider scheduling a call with Phil and Manjit for Particle Therapy.
  • Preparing for interview with Imperial and the LhARA project on the 17th.
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