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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meetings, 3rd March


Simon Jolly, Raffaella Radogna, Saad Shaikh, Fern Pannell

Saad Shaikh

  • Added third thread to FTDI code to handle file writing, resulting in small improvement to performance.
  • Added ability to set test mode and integration time to FTDI code.
    • Integration time set in units of 5us above minimum of 170us to maximum of 1455us (i.e. 170us + 255*5us).
  • CTRL-C commands are caught by FTDI code to exit cleanly from DAQ, closing connection with FPGA properly.
  • LibFTDI can be installed on Raspberry Pi and can receive data from Nexys Video.
    • Latest version of FTDI code does not work on Pi, likely some compiler issues with "fancier" functions.
    • Will rebuild latest version from older version of code that does work to find problem functions.
  • Tested daisy-chain with resistors in place of photodiodes.
    • See the same mirroring whether resistors are in series or in parallel to photodiode.
    • Will reach out to Clive and Izzat to continue discussion.

Fern Pannell

  • LibFTDI successfully downloaded and set up on Raspberry Pi.
  • Old C++ code compiles, new code throws errors.

High Priority GUI Next Steps:

  • Create a standard CSV file with >>16 points for curve data, plot and determine how to keep curve data within the same space as the PD bars.
  • Generate links for buttons to add curves to plot that take the user to a new plot with curves overlaid on PD bars.

PhD Update:

  • Offers for PhD positions with UCL, Imperial and Oxford - Accelerator Physics (PhD Particle Physics).
  • Cancelled Birmingham interview.
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