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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meetings, 24th August


Saad Shaikh, Simon Jolly, Unik Limbu

Saad Shaikh

  • Updated calibration routine in data analysis for more robust normalisation. Updated plots in this presentation.
  • Getting back onto Geant4 simulation: able to produce depth-dose curves and depth-light curves with 0.1mm precision and by-sheet.
    • Will take data for 60 MeV, 120 MeV and 250 MeV and test live fit rates.
    • Need to fix problems with curve accuracy – will go back into Laurent's simulation.
  • Matt Warren has made progress with USB104 DAQ problems: code has been cleaned up in many places but still tracking down last bug.
    • Added a few further improvements that could be made to FPGA code to E-Log.
  • 3D printed mylar window holders for Peli case, will cut mylar sheets for these.
    • Will help Derek drill holes into Peli case for rear mylar window.
  • NUVIA have successfully machined 3.4mm sheets down to 3mm – these will be sent ASAP.
  • Simon has sent LaTeX files for Quenched Bragg paper, will set up template on Overleaf for upcoming papers and start writing after beam test.
  • Spoke to Dave and Becky about PhD funding extension – will be ongoing process.
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