DIS 2008, 7-11 April 2008, University College London

XVI International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects

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Working Groups and Convenors

The physics topics of the workshop will include Structure Functions and Low-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons, Electroweak Measurements and Beyond the Standard Model, Hadronic Final States and QCD, Heavy Flavours, Spin Physics, and Future Facilities. The present status and prospects of these subjects will be discussed in the parallel sessions and summarised in the plenary talks. All participants wishing to give a presentation in the parallel sessions are requested to contact the convenors of the appropriate working group directly via e-mail.

Structure Functions and Low-x

Convenors: Daniel Kollar (MPI Munich), Jon Pumplin (MSU), Voica Radescu (DESY)
E-mail: dkollar@mppmu.mpg.de, pumplin@pa.msu.edu, voica.radescu@desy.de

Diffraction and Vector Mesons

Convenors: Marcella Capua (Calabria), Monika Grothe (Wisconsin), Dmitry Ivanov (SIM Novosibirsk), Mikhail Kapishin (JINR)
E-mail: marcella.capua@desy.de, grothe@mail.cern.ch, d-ivanov@math.nsc.ru, kapishin@mail.desy.de

Electroweak Measurements and Beyond the Standard Model

Convenors: Chris Hays (Oxford), Michael Kraemer (RWTH Aachen), Dave South (Dortmund), Filip Zarnecki (Warsaw)
E-mail: hays@physics.ox.ac.uk, mkraemer@physik.rwth-aachen.de, southd@mail.desy.de, zarnecki@fuw.edu.pl

Hadronic Final States and QCD

Convenors: Thomas Gehrmann (Zurich), Guenter Grindhammer (MPI Munich), Vivian O'Dell (Fermilab), Roman Walczak (Oxford)
E-mail: thomas.gehrmann@physik.uzh.ch, guenterg@desy.de, odell@fnal.gov, r.walczak1@physics.ox.ac.uk

Heavy Flavours

Convenors: Matteo Cacciari (LPTHE), Mario Campanelli (UCL), Katja Krueger (Heidelberg), Monica Turcato (Hamburg)
E-mail: cacciari@lpthe.jussieu.fr, mario.campanelli@hep.ucl.ac.uk, kruegerk@mail.desy.de, monica.turcato@desy.de

Spin Physics

Convenors: Elke Aschenauer (Jlab), Andrea Bressan (Trieste), Andreas Metz (Temple), Bernd Surrow (MIT)
E-mail: elke@jlab.org, andrea.bressan@cern.ch, metza@temple.edu, surrow@mit.edu

Future Facilities

Convenors: Max Klein (Liverpool), Ken Long (Imperial), Wally Melnitchouk (Jlab), Bernd Surrow (MIT)
E-mail: klein@ifh.de, k.long@imperial.ac.uk, wmelnitc@jlab.org, surrow@mit.edu
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