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Minutes for UCL Proton Calorimetry Meetings, 7th October


Raffaella Radogna, Saad Shaikh, Fern Pannell

Raffaella Radogna

Saad Shaikh

  • Delivered transfer talk and completed mini-viva.
    • Passed upgrade!
    • Will have feedback session with Jim on 9/10/20.
  • Completed Upgrade and 12-month research log entries.
  • Fixed bugs and improved DAQ – using buffer size on CoolTerm equal to number of bytes per measurement cycle allows CoolTerm to keep up.
  • Added support for daisy-chain in FPGA and plotting code (assuming photodiode-resistor-input map of current prototype boards).
    • Tested daisy-chain of current boards – doesn't work (as expected).
    • Informed Marko of desired changes and Simon signed off on production of 4 more boards.
  • Tested photodiodes on detector with LED - low signal level observed and noise increases with integration time.
  • Nexys Video board has arrived, will start testing this before holiday.
  • Will be on holiday for weeks beginning 12th and 26th October.

Fern Pannell

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