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The CLOAC ( CLOck And Control ) Master is used to generate clock and fast commands for the SCT front-end modules. In the absence of the TTC system, these are able to operate on command from a local processor or fully stand-alone. Fanout modules can be used to distribute trigger and clocks. These have been used in the SCT system and beam tests at CERN since 1998. Along with MuSTARD and SLOG modules produced at RAL and Cambridge, these are essential components of the basic system required for testing the FE modules using either electrical or optical connections.


CLOAC Master Module:




Programable Logic

Note that there is a possibility of jitter of the CLOAC output clock increasing above 0.5ns at some settings of the delay switches. If you encounter this problem, please contact us to arrange for a service modification to cure this.

CLOAC Fanout:

Photos of the system test at CERN (B186, 1998)

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