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The application of computer processing and information retrieval has lead scientists to an increasing need to transfer petabytes of data across the internet. With the proposal of the GRID, the storage and retrieval of data across the GRID is an increasingly integral to its design. The Globus Data Grid architecture is an attempt to standardise the multitude of storage systems across the Grid by providing these set of core services to construct a multitude of higher level serves. Here, the basic Globus Data Grid architecture will be described and an account of some basic networking monitoring utilities and their application to grid environments will be given. One area that I am working on is a method of storing such information for retrieval.

Grid Computing is necessary to aid the High Energy and Nuclear Physics research of today and in the future. Combining globally distributed computers and information sources into a universal source of computing power and information, Grid applications typically need to share the resources available in the Grid. The most predominant shared resource is the network - connecting the various sites that build up the grid. With a predicted 5 terabytes of data being shipped across the internet every day, the challenge now is meeting the ability to transfer data across the internet at ever faster speeds.

PPARC e-Science

As part of my PhD, I have been awarded an e-Science schlorship (Hey! I'm never said i could spell!) by PPARC. The details of the award i really do not understand - so if anyone could kindly read through the following links and tell me what i'm supposed to do....

Award description: here and the formal proposal here.

Information regarding the UCL Network upgrade here.



GRIS/GIIS The grid imposes two types of servers from which information is stored. These pages will contain information on these informatin providers. here.
GRID FTP Data transfers through the internet is proposed to be through a modified implementation of the standard FTP protocol. These pages will contain information on this protocol. here.
Network Monitoring Schema An area of the GRID that I am currently working on is a method of storing network transfer information for GRID application network weather retrieval. This is DataGrid WP07. here.
Web Services The implementation of distributed objects into the Globus Toolkit framework. This section also includes details on the technologies and implementation. here.





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