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Hello! Welcome to my webpage! ;@)

This web-site is still under construction, so please bear with me whilst I iron out the bugs and tidy up the interface (and fill in the pages....). If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to email me at

When finished, I hope this site will contain up to date stuff on my degree - which, in case you haven't guessed is about networking. Currently, my main interests are in:

  • Characterising networks at Gig speed
  • Characterising hosts for high speed performance
  • Optimisation of High Speed Networks
  • Investigating new TCP implementations; eg HSTCP, ScalableTCP, FAST etc.
  • Performance of TCP and Quality of Service
  • Quality of Service and Managed Networks
  • GridFTP and its role in middleware
  • Dynamic network resouce allocation API's.


PERSONAL Contains 'personal' information - duh! Will have loads of pictures (as soon as i get my scanner working) and other stuff that might interest you if you know me... or not.. like if you are a pervert or something...
MISC Contains stuff that is generic, or just doesn't really fit anywhere else. Will prob contain loads of little tips and short programs.
Monitoring By monitoring network state with active and passive techniques, one hopes to be able to determine certain characteristic of network paths. By designing a flexible and coherent architecture for the collection and initialisation of monitoring tools, future networks will be able to offer middleware state information on the network state.
TCP/IP Information about Internet (and Intranet) transport protocols. Based heavily on the understanding and monitoring/instrumentation of how real life TCP performs. Also includes information on new transport protocols (Tsuami & Sabul) and adjustments to current TCP stacks (eg HSTCP, ScalableTCP, FAST etc.) and it's performance in real networks.
MB-NG Managed Bandwidth - Next Generation is a project to enable and quantify QoS. This page will contain specific experimental documents and technical information.
GRID The new internet. This is what my PhD is based on, so expect loads of boring info here. Also things to do with EU DataGrid (esp WP7).
QoS Hmmm... don't really know yet. I'm supposed to learn about this stuff!
Multicast Ditto!


Whats New

At the moment.. EVERYTHING! Until I have something resembling a stable website, this bit will prob be like this... just click on the links and stuff and you'll probably work out the new things...
Linux Limitations on Throughput There are many differences between IETF and implementated features on the Linux 2.4 kernel. This highlights the main ones with performance graphs. Here.
PhD page A page to contain stuff and documents for my formal phd thesis. here.
Network Analysis Analysis of the CERN-RAL link here.
HighSpeed TCP Implementation of a new TCP stack for GigE speeds. here. Initial results here!
Iperf Experimental investigation of a TCP active measurement tool. here.
CV My resume is here! Check it out here if you want to give me a job :@)
Network Simulator Details of how i'm getting along. here.
MB-NG Configuration and testing of TCP/IP stacks here.
Reavars Web100 logging program. Updated.
Network Calculus 'Network Calculus is a collection of results based on Min-Plus algebra, which applies to deterministic queuing systems found in communication networks'. here.
Packet Trace Analysis Monitoring and infering TCP from segment dumps. here.

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