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Multi-casting is the method by which packets are sent to a 'host-group'. This group may consist of zero or more hosts identified by a single IP address. Due to the transmission methods of IP routing for a group of hosts, it is not guaranteed that every member in the group will recieve intact datagrams. As such delivery for multicast destinations is known as 'best-effort' reliability.

IP Multicasting is therefore a bandwidth conserving technology that reduces traffic by simultaneously delivering a single stream of information to thousands of recipients. It delivers to multiple receivers without adding any additional burden on the source oor the receivers whilst using the least network bandwidth. Multicast packets are replicated in the network by routers.


Background As it says... Here.
IP Extension How to implement IP Multicast... Here.
Address Translation How Multicasting internet addresses map over layer 2 and 3. Here.
IGMP The Internet Group Membership protocol to join/leave multicast groups. Here.
Spanning Trees How to deliver the multicast over the network. Here.
Reliable Multicast Reliable multicast delivery documents and stuff. Here.


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MBone: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet - A book about the multicasting backbone and the future of multimedia on the Internet, Copyright 1996, 1998 by Kevin Savetz, Neil Randall, and Yves Lepage.

Multicasting - A Study - Stephen Nightingale National Institute of Standards and Technology

IP Multicasting Links


Networking Tutorial

Multicasting White Papers

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Java Multicasting

Internet Technical Resources

Online test for local multicast capaility


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