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This page will basically all the crap that doesn't fit anywhere else! :@) It will probably contain more programming stuff that can/should be used as reference material.


Linux Linux is the operating system to take over M$ Windoze... however, there are still some problems...
VAIO Yep, I'm a Sony fan! Hell, i even own a SonyCard! :@) Details of VAIO's here....
HTML HTML, language of the internet, blah blah blah. I use Dreamweaver, so i probably won't fill these pages much!
LDAP LDAP is a directory service (pretty much a database) gaining much interest, even thought it's kinda crap...
C/C++ Progamming language... will have the odd program, tips etc. if i ever touch the language again!
PERL A scripting language which is powerful, flexible and easy to use! At last!!!
LaTEX Document formating language used for scientific papers.


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