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Investigation into the Effects of {RX|TX}AbsInt on TCP Traffic on the e1000-4.4.12

Date: April 2003


The goal of this document is to identify optimal values for use on GigE networks of the RX and TX AnsInt coalesce values for TCP traffic on various networks. This work focuses on the use of the Intel e1000 driver version 4.4.12. It will be tested primarily on the latest stable kernel of 2.4.20.

The hardware in use is the MBNG testbed.


For various tests over different networks (ie Back to Back and across the MBNG backbone), single stream TCP will be directed from a source to a sink. The configuration of the TCP is the stock 'Vanilla' TCP that comes with the 2.4.20 kernel. To aid analysis, Web100 2.2.1 will also be used to monitor TCP state and reactions.

The values of TX and RX int will be adjusted for each test network and the results observed.


Results: Back to Back Tests

Results: MBNG Tests




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