Tracker Commissioning

The SuperNEMO demonstrator module tracker will be commissioned at MSSL starting in late 2013. We plan to re-use the NEMO-3 Geiger Card readout electronics and gas system.

To-Do List:
Google Spreadsheet

The UCL Wiki is where most of the documentation is kept up to date.

General Links/Documentation:
NEMO-3 TDR - The relevant section starts at page 74
Manchester 90-Cell Tracking Page - In particular the Geiger card output description
Steve Snow's write-up of the 90-cell performance : Doc-DB #787
Irina Nasteva's write-up of the 90-cell analysis : Doc-DB #803 and other documents.
Iring Nasteva's drift time-distance calibration : Doc-DB #786
Steve Snow's talk on time-distance calibration : Doc-DB #355

Geiger Cell Numbering Scheme : Doc-DB 1570
Commissioning Raw Data Format (from Manchester 90-cell) (PDF File) (DOCX File)
Fake Cosmic Data File (ASCII)

Electronics Kick-off presentation (Dave Waters) : (PDF) (PPT)
Timing Diagram (v2) : (PDF)
Geiger Card documentation (full document but without "boards") : (PDF) [Note : the "preliminary status register" is described on page 13]
VME pin diagram : (PDF)
Geiger Card address summary : (PDF)
Geiger Card mapping between channels and connections on front face : (PDF)
ASIC packaging : (PDF)
Documentation for CAEN VME-USB bridge, V1718 : CAEN product web page
Geiger Card Testing/DAQ (Wiki)

CAEN High-Voltage System (Monitoring and Control):
Wiki page : HERE

Gas System:
Wiki page including basic operating instructions (Cristovao Vilela) : HERE
Flow Rate Coefficients (the famous "Ray" chart) : (PDF)

Technical Information:
Gas composition. Fractions by VOLUME are [He:Ethanol:Ar] ~ [95:4:1]
Spreadsheet of anode wire positions - For the first several columns of tracker cells, and with respect to the coordinate system indicated in the diagram below