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23 Oct 2021

PDF4LHC e-Group

A CERN e-group has been created and is an open list for occasional announcements about PDF4LHC activities and to facilitate the communication between the PDF4LHC community. To subscribe:

  • Go to https://e-groups.cern.ch/e-groups/EgroupsSearchForm.do
  • Search for the e-group with name lhc-pdf4lhc
  • Under the column "Action" click on "Subscribe"


A Hypernews forum has been created for future PDF4LHC communications. To subscribe:

  • Go to https://hypernews.cern.ch/.
  • Go to LCG Applications Area HyperNews page.
  • Give your hypernews user ID and Password. If you do not have these, follow the instructions for "New member".
  • Go to "Subscribe to Forums" (in the upper menu bar). Select PDF4LHC and submit the form.