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18 Jun 2018

Some Talks From UCL People (needs updating)

  • Higgsless electroweak symmetry breaking at the LHC
    Veysi Erkcan Ozcan, for the ATLAS and CMS collaborations
    arXiv:0709.2547 [hep-ex]

  • Prospects for (non-SUSY) new physics with first LHC data
    Jon Butterworth, for the ATLAS and CMS collaborations
    arXiv:0709.2547 [hep-ex]

  • Electroweak symmetry breaking without Higgs bosons
    Stathis Stefanidis Physics at the LHC, Krakow, 3-8 July.

  • Event visualisation for the ATLAS experiment - the technologies involved. (talk)
    Z. Maxa, CHEP 2006

  • Fast Tracking Algorithm for the ATLAS Level 2 Trigger
    M. R. Sutton, TIME 05 (Tracking In high Multiplicity Environments)

  • Proceedings of the HERA LHC Workshop: hep-ph/0601012 and hep-ph/0601013. Spires: Part A and Part B.
    C.M. Buttar, J.M. Butterworth, V. Khoze, L. Lonnblad, N. Tuning
    Introduction to Multijet Final States and Energy Flows
    C.M. Buttar, J.M. Butterworth, R.D. Field, C. Group, G. Gustafson, S. Hoche, F. Krauss, A. Moraes, M.H. Seymour, A. Schalicke, P. Szczypka, T. Sjostrand
    The Underlying Event
    J.M. Butterworth, H. Jung, V. Lendermann, B.M. Waugh
    A. Buckley, J.M. Butterworth, S. Butterworth, L. Lonnblad, W.J. Stirling, M. Whalley, B.M. Waugh

  • "How can we tell SUSY (from a hole in the ground)" (talk)
    A.J. Barr, YETI conference, Durham, Jan 2006.
  • News article by the BBC about the LHC, and involving UCL ATLAS. 3 Jan 2006.

  • "News from ATLAS Physics Studies" (talk)
    A.J. Barr at the LHC-ILC workshop, 13 December 2005.

  • TTC Interface Module for ATLAS Read-Out Electronics: Final production version based on Xilinx FPGA devices (paper, talk).
    presented by Matthew Warren, LECC 2004, Boston, USA, September 2004.

  • "Status of Higgs Searches"
    Nikos Konstantinidis at the "Physics at LHC" conference, Vienna, July 2004
  • Resonant bond wire vibrations in the ATLAS semiconductor tracker (paper).
    T. J. Barber, D.G. Charlton, W. Murray, G. Villani, M. Warren & T. Weidberg, 2004. NIM A 538, 442-457 (2005). CERN 04-053.

  • Modelling underlying and min-bias events (slides and video).
    Jon Butterworth and others, ATLAS week tutorial, June 2004.

  • The Atlantis event visualisation program for the ATLAS experiment
    Janice Drohan, CHEP 2004.

  • Fast tracking for the ATLAS Level 2 trigger, Nikos Konstantinidis, CHEP 2004.

  • QCD uncertainties at the LHC and the implications of HERA ( talk, paper ),
    presented by Jon Butterworth at the XII International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering, Strbske Pleso, Slovakia, April 2004.

  • Architecture of the ATLAS High Level Triggers Event Selection Software ( talk, paper ),
    presented by N.Konstantinidis at the 9th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors, May 2003.

  • Tracking at the ATLAS LVL2 Trigger ( talk ),
    presented by N.Konstantinidis at the Athens HEP2003 workshop, April 2003.

  • Determination of the z position of primary interactions in ATLAS ( paper ),
    by N.Konstantinidis and H.Drevermann, July 2002.

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