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19 Apr 2019

Projects Offered

Applications for all positions are open now! Please follow the instructions on the application page. For students starting in October 2019, we are offering fully funded (fees+stipend) PhD places on the following projects:

☛ Two positions available focused on the fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Gravity, with one experimental and one theory position (eligibility: EU/UK).

☛ One position in theory, working on precision simulations for the LHC, specifically developing new and improved parton shower simulations in the PanScales collaboration (eligibility: EU/UK).

☛ One position on neutrino oscillation and liquid argon detector development with the DUNE Experiment (eligibility: EU/UK*)

☛ One position searching for new physics through precision muon measurements with the Fermilab g-2 Experiment (eligibility: EU/UK)

☛ One position on diagnostics for Proton Beam Therapy, specifically the development of a detector for measuring the range of protons in a clinical facility prior to treatment (eligibility: EU/UK*).

☛ One position on direct detection of Dark Matter with the LZ Experiment analysing the first data from the world-leading direct detection experiment, and developing tools for the primary science run (2021), which may see the first definitive detection of Dark Matter (eligibility: EU/UK).

☛ One position searching for ultra-high energy neutrinos and new physics at the highest energies in Antarctica with ANITA (funding pending, eligibility: EU/UK*).

☛ Based on availability, we also hope to offer one of the following positions: strong field QED with the LUXE Experiment, using the XFEL (eligibility: EU/UK*).

☛ Cosmoparticle studentships, jointly supervised by HEP academics and colleagues from Astrophysics or Space Science, are also available, with details here, along with a list of previous projects. Applicants to HEP will automatically be considered for one of these studentships if appropriate, and it is useful to let us know in your application is this is an area you are interested in (eligibility: EU/UK).

☛ Studentships on HEP projects will also be offered as part of the CDT in Data Intensive Science, along with projects in astrophysics, atomic and molecular physics, and others. If you are interested specifically in HEP and are considering applying to the CDT, you are strongly encouraged to also apply to the HEP group directly. You must do this in addition to the CDT application, otherwise you will not be considered for the HEP positions (eligibility: EU/UK).

Note that the positions listed here are fully funded, but to be eligible for the funding you must meet UCL's UK/EU status, which typically requires UK/EU citizens who have been resident in the UK/EU for 3 years at the start of the programme (positions marked * also require 3 years of UK residence by the start of the programme).

We always welcome exceptional students interested in any of our research topics to apply for any of the international studentships such as the GRS, CSC or any other. However, it is important to contact us early to apply for these (December at the latest).

For more information, please take a look at the funding page and the application page